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Nutritionally Correct

Alistar Food Industries (Pvt Limited) is an award winning and privately owned indigenous company whose main business is the production, distribution and sales of Soya Chunks around Zimbabwe. The company which also specialises in, sugar beans, overnight mahewu, chimer, popcorn and dried kapenta was founded by Hatina Ruwuyu and Alice Ruwuyu and started its operations in 2017.


The company has over 50 employees with some permanent and some casual. Alistar Food Industries has recorded remarkable growth over the years to become one of the best soya chunks suppliers in the country. The company has targeted the informal sector with main outlets and buyers in Mbare Musika, Harare's downtown and all other small towns and cities across Zimbabwe.


The company's distribution has been of large and bulk volumes hence it has enjoyed economies of scale. Alistar Soya Chunks are also available in a number of leading retailers and wholesalers in Zimbabwe among them N. Richards Wholesalers, Simrac, Chingwanga, Global Markets as well as Masamvu Wholesale and Supermarkets. From 2023 onwards, the company has also deliberately targeted other market giants like OK supermarkets, Spar, Pick n’Pay, Food World, Gain Cash and Carry as well as Choppies to name a few.

Our Team

The Driving Force Behind Our Success

Our team is the heart and soul of Alistar Food Industries. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, united by a shared passion for delivering exceptional products and service. We foster a culture of innovation, continuous improvement, and teamwork, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the Zimbabwean food industry.

"Nourishing lives, one delicious bite at a time."

Our Awards and Recognitions

A Legacy of Excellence

Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed. We have been recognized for our excellence in the food industry, receiving numerous awards, including:


The 2022 Family Businesses of the Year award by the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe (ICDZ)


The 2023 Best Producer of Soya Chunks in Zimbabwe award by the Zimbabwe Agricultural and Food Society


These awards are a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. They also serve as a source of motivation for us to continue to innovate and improve.

Our Vision for the Future

Committed to Continuous Growth and Expansion

We are committed to continuous growth and expansion, driven by a vision of becoming a global leader in the production and distribution of nutritious food products. We are actively expanding our reach into new markets, strengthening our partnerships with suppliers and distributors, and investing in cutting-edge technologies to enhance our production processes.

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Our Clients

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